9 Questions with…Queeny!

Queeny Bergen

Meet Queeny Bergen. Queeny is a creative multi-tasker who is the Marketing & Events manager over at Elite Productions & Entertainment, a full service production audio/visual company here in Aruba and
we’re highlighting her in the business industry today for our “9 Questions with” series.

Get to know Queeny a little bit more below!

  1. Describe yourself in 3 words 
    Motivated, Persistent, Energetic
  2. What are the 3 things you can’t live without
    Hope, Food & My circle <3
  3. If you could raid one woman’s closet who would it be?
    Jennifer Lopez 
  4. What is one thing people don’t know about you?
    I hate horror movies / I hate Tequila
  5. How did you get in the industry that you’re in?
  6. Name one of your most special achievements career-wise so far, your big “hoorah” moment?
    I can not recall 1 of my most special achievements, I celebrate all projects and achievements small and big 🙂
  7. Your must-have business tool/essential 
  8. One advice you would give to your 15-year-old-self?
    Do not grow up too fast! Always Love yourself first! 
  9. Favorite inspirational quote
    “I can achieve anything if i’m willing to work for it. Not because i’m especially gifted, but because i’m especially dedicated to improving along the way.”  – Rachel Hollis

Learn more about the organisations Queeny is part of:
WOW– Women Empowering Women group (President)
Empire Carnaval Group (Group Leader)

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